«SonaR» Company

"SonaR" Company - is one of the leading content distributors at the Pay-TV and free-to-air TV market in Ukraine. The Company has been founded in 2002.

The partnership net counts more than 400 Pay-TV operators, including DTH platforms and IPTV networks, as well as about 100 free-to-air and cable TV companies from all regions of the country.

"SonaR" Company represents the following TV channels for Pay TV systems in Ukraine:

•Blue Husler, Barely Legal (Sapphire Media International BV, The Netherlands) •Dorama (Tres Amigos Films S.L., Spain)
•Duck TV (MEGA MAX MEDIA s.r.o., Slovakia)
•Trace Sport Stars, Trace Urban ( Trace UK World Ltd )
•Nautical Channel (Nautical Channel Limited, Great Britain)
•Extreme Sports (Zonemedia Broadcasting Limited, Great Britain)
•OstWest, Nashe Lubimoe Kino (Inter TV Limited, Great Britain)

For free-to-air and cable broadcasters we offer the programs of well-known TV content producers: KM PLUS MEDIA, FCCE BV, Scorpions TV etc. The licensed programs catalogue contains documentaries, TV-magazines, educational programs for children and much more. The original material is adapted for the Ukrainian TV market.

The Company Team - these are specialists united by the mutual goal - to gain a leading status and to provide best quality service.

"SonaR" Company is aimed at long-term partnership relations. During the years of operating in the Ukrainian market we became the reliable partners for many native and foreign companies.

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Компания Сонар - контент для систем платного ТВ Украины, дистрибуция платных нишевых телеканалов, спутниковые телеканалы, тематические телеканалы, контент для кабельного ТВ, систем МИТРИС, ММDS, DTH-платформ, лицензионные ТВ.
Украина, г. Днепр
ул. Любарского 36, оф. 73
тел/факс +380 (562) 357139